Why We Choose Cornerstone For Our Daughter – by Mike and Dora Jane

(The Cornerstone Community has several families who have come together through adoption. The student’s name has been shortened here to respect internet privacy.)

We are thankful for Cornerstone Christian School because it has helped change our daughter’s life and ours. Our story begins 5 years ago when we adopted T. She was 8 years old and a product of a public school system that had deemed her unteachable and was passing her through. She had completed the third grade but could barely read “cat” and could not add 2 + 2.

She had completed one semester at another local school that was not a great fit for her educational needs. We were struggling with what option would be best for giving her a chance at starting over and catching up. The mercy of our good Heavenly Father led us to CCS where Mrs. Janet Etters offered for us to have a 3-day trial. During those 3 days, Mrs. Janet tested T and worked with her. We felt utter relief when Mrs. Janet said to us, “She is very teachable. We can start over with her, teach her the basics and she will learn.”

Today, thanks in great part to the wonderful Cornerstone staff and their excellent teaching, T is in the 5th grade performing at grade level. This very same child is now calculating mixed fractions and reading books such as Nancy Drew mysteries voraciously. Most importantly, she loves school!

CCS has been a support during some very difficult days for our family. They have been an extended family to T and have given her much love and attention that she needed. The emphasis on Christian principles, the Abeka curriculum, and the firm structure at CCS are all part of what makes this school such an amazing option for education in Kershaw County. The most important part though is the kind and caring staff who go out of their way to make sure every one of their students has a chance to succeed.

Image: https://pixabay.com/users/KokomoCole-206298