October 2019

Cornerstone Christian School (CCS) has been a blessing to our family in so many different ways. First and foremost, the staff at CCS has instilled a biblically based foundation in our children so great that a value can’t be quantified. I am always amazed at how much scripture my children have memorized because of CCS. I know that in the future when my children encounter trials or tribulations, they will have these memorized truths buried deep in their souls and it will give them guidance and comfort when needed. This is something that they absolutely would not have gained in other schools. I find great comfort in knowing that my children have a deeply engrained spiritual foundation and that is largely due to the staff at CCS.

This brings me to my next point. The staff at CCS is first class. This group of professionals dedicate their time and resources to pour into our children both a scriptural knowledge and a fantastic scholastic education. The staff at CCS work their mission field in our children’s hearts and minds every day. They are a tremendous asset and are the reason the school can function as it does. If it were not for these dedicated people, a lot of children in Kershaw County would not have the opportunity to learn about Christ while attending school. It’s a shame that we have to make a statement like that but it’s the truth. Because of the staff, Christ’s name can be echoed off the walls of the school without persecution or legal ramifications. This just doesn’t happen in our public school system as it should.

The education that my children are receiving is phenomenal. When we have conversations with other children in the same age group as ours it is always obvious that our children are exceeding the expectations laid out by the state. Whether it be their proficiency in cursive handwriting (which doesn’t exist in public school), comprehension in reading, or their ability to work their math homework without a calculator, we know that they are not lacking from an educational standpoint. I am always amazed how my kids never reach for a calculator to do their math homework. Unlike myself, who in public school was allowed to use a calculator to check my work, allowing me to form a “crutch”, my children check their work the old-fashioned way with paper and pencil. This allows them to show a true understanding of what they are doing and they don’t move on until they truly comprehend it.

I could go on all day about the pros of CCS. It all boils down to a simple question though. Is a Christ-centered learning environment important for your children where they can exceed the expectations of the public school system from a learning standpoint? If that is important to you then I don’t know of a better answer to that question in Kershaw County, than CCS! For any parents who would want an honest conversation about the school please don’t hesitate to call me direct. I would love to have a conversation with you about CCS.

On the journey with you,

John Paul Smith

(If you would like to talk with John Paul, please contact our office and we’ll get you in touch!)